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CD-Two MK III: housing for CD-Pro2LF


The housing of the CD-Two MK II consists of an aluminium plate (4 mm) for the soil and a plate for the top. The sides consist of an aluminium profile frame with perfect rigidity. The parts are joined together with bolts from down. Particularly aluminium spike feet are used.

Buy a complete CD-Two MK II kit part lick here:

CD-Two MK II kit part, no: 21013-0008


CD-Two MK II kit with  re-clocking (jitter-killer), part no: 210333-01





The housing is designed to reduce vibrations from outside. That means the bottom consist of two parts: 1. aluminium panel 4 mm for the inside and a 6 mm  acrylic panel for the outer "skin". These parts are fitted together by screws.   A sturdy and compact housing develops. A unit, which puts protecting around sensitive electronics.




Here You see the lair which holds the cover. The cover consists of 3 panels that fit together with screws. That guarantees smallest resonance’s and by the black acrylic little light irradiation.



In this figure you see the arrangement of the printed circuit boards for power supply and digital output in an opened CD-Two Player. In the front there is the controller PCB.  



housing for CD-Pro2LF in black / silver  








The CD-Pro2LF rests on a sub chasis from acryl plastic that damps swinging of the bottom. The laser range and the cover are provided with a light eliminating coating. This lead CD to a clean scanning of data, less failure correction and thus to a calm sound.


Here one can see the sub chassis that holds the CD-Pro transport. It is part of the cabinet. It consists of a metal frame and a bottom of acrylic plastic.

On the right side you can see the 3 stage digital output. 



The sub chassis consists of 4 parts: Bottom plate, side panels and top panel for drill that holds the CD-Pro2LF.


You can order this cabinet in black or silver. If you want other colours: it“s possible.

More information’s (under construction)


 Technical Data of a complete Transport:

  • CD-Pro2LF from Philips
  • high-end power supply with 14100 µF  Panasonic FC
  • special Audio-condensers from MKP Panasonic
  • noise reduction circuit of the power supply
  • double filtering of the AC mains
  • 3 stage output circuit
  • (s/pdif and AES/EBU) with re-clocking and handmade output transformer
  • I2S output
  • housing with aluminium profile frame
  • additional damping acrylic panels
  • .spike feet
  • weight 12 kg
  • measurement: 436x345x110 mm
  • internal: 398 x 320 x 50 mm
  • output connectors:
    • digital out coaxial
    • digital out XLR
    • RJ-45 I2S output





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