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Disc Clamp for CD-Pro2 - Disc Stabilizer

For replacement of the original  Philips magnetic clamper

We are very proud to introduce our new high end full metal disc clamp with better performance as the original disc clamp.

It stabilise the CD and hold it perfectly to the turntable.

The secrete of the performance is the rubber ring that seems "to glue" the disc at it´s sensitive position and reduces that way resonance’s and hold the CD without deforming the CD like many other clamping solutions on the market.
The clamp is perfectly centred and fits also if one uses a CD-constraint.

The weight is extremely low, so that the lairs of the motor don’t lose it’s lifetime.

This is also a great advantage of this disc clamper.

It is not only the clamping force that ensures the correct holding of the CD. The rubber ring is crucial for the enhanced clamping with protecting the lairs of the motor.

Dimensions: Weight: 125 g, Height:12,3 mm, diameter:44,5 mm








High End Audio Fuses

The 24 carat gold-plated miniature fuses 5 x 20 provide superior sound enhancement.


The ceramic insulator is through a special treatment resonance-optimized and characterized by very good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.
Vibrations are so active strongly attenuated.
The melting conductor is compared with normal backups of copper. This provides better conductivity and thus pulse strength. This results in better detail drawing and dimension.
The contact caps are made of solid copper and were also plated. This gives the best contacts, which are reflected in a quiet sound.

The sound: The use of gold instead of the usual brass / nickel the sound of your device when using these backups will be significantly improved again. The soundstage improved. The naturalness and homogeneity of the sound increases.

Tripping Characteristic: Slow Blow, Rated voltage: 250 volts.
Construction: contact caps 24 carat gold plated copper, ceramic tube with special low-resonance filler, fusible conductor made of copper alloy.





current values


Filter type 1: High End AC Filter compact for low current 1A



Low Current for “small” devices like DAC kits or Jitter Killer and so on.

High Qality - low cost














Filter type 2: High End AC Filter  for low current 4A with mounting flanges




























Filter type 3: High End AC Filter compact for current 4A - discrete







Dimensions  board 104x38, 2 layer












We recommend a 2 stage AC main filtering with Filter 2+3 in line.








High End AC main cable





High end shielded cabel for devices up to 16 A:

- heavy copper, nickel connectors

- copper, tin cable with shielding mesh

- feriite ring against HF portions




High End RCA cable






High end RCA cable with:

- copper, gold plated connectors

- 2 pol pure silver cable

- feritte ring against HF portions

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